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Re: [PATCH] VAX/BFD: Fix GOT/PLT handling for non-preemptible symbols

Hi Maciej,

2013-05-20  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* elf32-vax.c (elf_vax_check_relocs) <R_VAX_GOT32, R_VAX_PLT32>:
	Don't check symbol visibility here.  Remove a check already
	asserted for.
	(elf_vax_instantiate_got_entries): Use SYMBOL_REFERENCES_LOCAL
	instead of individual checks.
	(elf_vax_relocate_section) <R_VAX_GOT32, R_VAX_PLT32>: Only
	check the offset to decide if produce a GOT or PLT entry.
	Remove redundant assertions.  Remove code to produce GOT entries
	for local symbols.  Remove a duplicate comment and add a comment
	on GOT relocations.
	(elf_vax_finish_dynamic_symbol): Remove code to produce RELATIVE
	dynamic relocs.

	* ld-vax-elf/got-local-exe.xd: New test.
	* ld-vax-elf/got-local-lib.xd: New test.
	* ld-vax-elf/got-local-aux.s: New test source.
	* ld-vax-elf/got-local-def.s: New test source.
	* ld-vax-elf/got-local-ref.s: New test source.
	* ld-vax-elf/vax-elf.exp: Run the new tests.

Approved - please apply.


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