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Re: [RFC, PATCH] aarch64: Add support for GNU indirect functions.

Hi Will,


2013-05-17  Will Newton  <>

         * Build elf-ifunc.o for AArch64.
         * elf64-aarch64.c: Include objalloc.h.
         (elf64_aarch64_howto_dynrelocs): Add R_AARCH64_IRELATIVE howto.
         (struct elf64_aarch64_link_hash_table): Add members for handling
         R_AARCH64_IRELATIVE relocations.
         (elf_aarch64_local_htab_hash): New function.
         (elf_aarch64_local_htab_eq): New function.
         (elf_aarch64_get_local_sym_hash): New function.
         (elf64_aarch64_link_hash_table_create): Initialize local STT_GNU_IFUNC
         symbol hash.
         (elf64_aarch64_hash_table_free): Free local STT_GNU_IFUNC symbol hash.
         (elf64_aarch64_final_link_relocate): Add sym argument.  Add support
         for handling STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols.
         (elf64_aarch64_gc_sweep_hook): Add support for garbage collecting
         references to STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols.
         (elf64_aarch64_adjust_dynamic_symbol): Add support for handling
         STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols.
         (elf64_aarch64_check_relocs): Add support for handling STT_GNU_IFUNC
         symbols.  Ensure we don't increase plt.refcount from -1 to 0.
         (elf64_aarch64_post_process_headers): Call _bfd_elf_set_osabi.
         (elf64_aarch64_is_function_type): Remove function.
         (elf64_aarch64_allocate_dynrelocs): Call
         _bfd_elf_allocate_ifunc_dyn_relocs for STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols.
         (elf_aarch64_allocate_local_dynrelocs): New function.
         (elf64_aarch64_size_dynamic_sections): Call
         elf_aarch64_allocate_local_dynrelocs.  Initialize next_irelative_index.
         (elf64_aarch64_create_small_pltn_entry): Add info argument.
         Add support for creating .iplt entries for STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols.
         (elf64_aarch64_finish_dynamic_symbol): Add support for handling
         STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols and .iplt.
         (elf_aarch64_finish_local_dynamic_symbol): New function.
         (elf64_aarch64_finish_dynamic_sections): Call
         (elf64_aarch64_add_symbol_hook): New function.


2013-05-17  Will Newton  <>

         * aarch64.h: Add R_AARCH64_IRELATIVE reloc.


2013-05-17  Will Newton  <>

         * ld-ifunc/ifunc.exp: Enable ifunc tests for AArch64.
         * ld-aarch64/aarch64-elf.exp: Add ifunc tests.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-1-local.d: New file.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-1-local.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-1.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-1.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-10.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-10.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-11.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-11.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-12.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-12.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-13.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-13a.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-13b.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14a.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14b.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14c.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14c.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14d.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14e.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-14f.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-15.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-15.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-16.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-16.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-17a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-17a.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-17b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-17b.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-18a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-18a.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-18b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-18b.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-19a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-19a.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-19b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-19b.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-2-local.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-2-local.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-2.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-2.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-20.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-20.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-3.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-3a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-3b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-4.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-4.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-4a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5-local.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5a-local.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5b-local.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-5r-local.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-6.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-6a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-6b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-7.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-7a.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-7b.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-8.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-8a.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-8b.s: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-9.d: Likewise.
         * ld-aarch64/ifunc-9.s: Likewise.

Approved - please apply.

FYI - I am not a fan of calls to abort() in a library. In my opinion any library operation that cannot be completed successful should return an error indication to the caller and allow them to decide what to do. I realize that there are lots of calls to abort() already present in the BFD library, but I would still prefer not to add to them.


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