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Re: [PATCH 1/2] MIPS: Compressed PLT/stubs support

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:
>> The same 0xc0 bug exists here; the pre-microMIPS version was:
>> which I think was correct at the time.  I'd suggest:
>>    | STO_MIPS_PIC)
>> which is OK if you agree.  The change to ELF_ST_IS_MIPS_PIC looks
>> superfluous though.
>  I agree, however I'd prefer STO_MIPS16 to be referred explicitly here.  
> Using STO_MICROMIPS as a shortcut where what we really mean is STO_MIPS16 
> is only going to confuse people I believe.

Well, I disagree that's what the condition is doing.  It's making a
positive statement that microMIPSness carries over, even though the
other currently-defined MIPS information doesn't.

> Also the macro would have to get tweaked further if 0x40 was defined
> as a valid STO_MIPS_ISA encoding in the future even if the meaning of
> STO_MIPS_PIC remained the same for that ISA.

True, but conversely, it would need to be tweaked the other way if
the new ISA encoding shouldn't be preserved.  We just can't say now
which might be right.

But those arguments (of mine) are for one version not being inherently
better than the other.  Since you've been flexible, I should be too...

> 2013-06-06  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>
>         include/elf/
> 	* mips.h (ELF_ST_SET_MIPS_PIC): Clear any STO_MIPS16 setting.

OK, thanks.


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