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Re: [PATCH] ARM gas: handle {...} operands in macros

On 03/06/13 17:08, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 03.06.13 at 18:01, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
On 03/06/13 16:58, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 03.06.13 at 17:49, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
On 28/05/13 20:18, Roland McGrath wrote:
Here's another case where the presumptions about whitespace stripping don't
mesh with macros quite right.  There may be more cases affected; I didn't
try to add test cases for all of them.

OK for trunk and 2.23?

This seems all wrong to me.  If you're having to pretend that all these
special characters are symbol characters, then something else must be
fundamentally wrong.  That makes this patch a crutch for something else
that's broken.

I think you need to dig further into why macros aren't working properly.
    Is it the implementation of macros, the documentation, or your
expectations that are wrong?

Others (including me) have done this before - it's an effect of
how the scrubber works, eating whitespace that it thinks isn't
necessary. It's been years back that I looked into that, but iirc
in the end I was told to better leave the scrubber untouched to
not risk breakage elsewhere. So one or the other workaround
needs to be found anyway...

This is more than just the white-space scrubbing.  It's changing the
definition of what characters are legal in symbols.  I'm concerned that
that may have other potential implications for parsing as well.

Oh, yes, I understand that this has the potential for breakage
elsewhere. But that was true for the earlier addition of [ and ] too.
Perhaps there are other solutions, but likely much more intrusive
to the code.


I guess the real question is, when is this going to stop? All these additions are wrong and it's looking to me as though this is going to be a drip drip drip of 'Oh, here's another one'. Fundamentally, these changes are all wrong; these aren't symbol characters and trying to pretend that they are is papering over the real problem and potentially introducing new bugs.


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