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Re: [Patch] [MIPS] Add support for the R_MIPS_EH relocation

> From: Richard Sandiford [

>>"Moore, Catherine" <> writes:
>> @@ -17849,6 +17850,11 @@ mips_fix_adjustable (fixS *fixp)
>>  	  || jalr_reloc_p (fixp->fx_r_type)))
>>      return 0;
>> +  /* The symbol name refers to a TTYPE entry that is used for matching
>> +     during exception-handling.  */
>> +  if (fixp->fx_r_type == BFD_RELOC_MIPS_EH)
>> +    return 0;
>> +
> Sorry, I don't really follow this.  Doesn't the (runtime) exception
> handler match on address rather than on symbol?
> Looking at the spec -- should have done that first time, sorry -- I see
> that R_MIPS_EH can act as a GOT relocation.  Is that part of the reason?
> I'm not sure off-hand why that would be a problem though.  The assembler
> only tries to convert a reloc to section-relative form if it knows that
> the symbol binds locally.
> Sorry to be a pain.  I'm not saying the code is wrong, just that it isn't
> sufficiently explained.  If it's easier to leave the hunk above out for not,
> then the patch is OK without it, but I realise that might not be ideal...

HI Richard,

You are right, there isn't any reason why these symbols cannot be adjusted.  I will commit the patch with this hunk.

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