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GAS, ARM: 'str.w' instruction crashes

I've been experiencing some crashes when using the STR instruction to [pc,#offset].

;/* The following crashes with a HardFault, when run on a Cortex-M3... */
		str		r6,.patch1t

1000156a:	f8cf 60a4 	str.w	r6, [pc, #164]	; 10001610 <.patch1t>

;/* But the following does not... */
		adr		r2,.patch1t
		str		r6,[r2]

1000156a:	a229      	add	r2, pc, #164	; (adr r2, 10001610 <.patch1t>)
1000156c:	6016      	str	r6, [r2, #0]

In the first example, I've tried a number of different approaches. adding 'nop' instructions on each side of the 'str' instruction, aligning the destination address on a 16-byte boundary, adding/subtracting offsets between -3 and +3, but so far, it crashes no matter what I do.

I do not get any warnings, so I do not know if I'm not supposed to use this instruction on the Cortex-M3 / Thumb2.

Both instructions are run from the internal SRAM on LPC1768, thus writing to SRAM as well.

...Is the str.w r6,[pc,#164] instruction generated correctly (I can't find the opcode documentation anywhere) ?
...If it is, does anyone know why it would crash ?


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