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Re: [RFC] msp430 instruction decoder

Hi Mike,

This patch was created by DJ, but he is on vacation so Kevin was asked to submit it on his behalf. Now I am wading in to address the points that you raised...
typically it's better to omit generated files from patches posted to the list.
it's often times a lot of noise (like in this case).

Agreed - I have done so in the revised patch attached to this email.

missing standard copyright/license block


+typedef struct
+  MSP430_Opcode_Decoded * msp430;

shouldn't the style be:
	MSP430_Opcode_Decoded *msp430;

seems like general style guidelines are violated a lot in this file.  do we
normally ignore that in the opcodes/ tree ?

No, and I have revised the formatting in the patch files. They do now conform to the GNU Coding Standard. Note - the msp430-decode.opc file includes some comments that do not quite conform to the standard. This is because these comments are directives to the opc2c program and need to remain in their current format.

Do you have any more concerns with this patch ?


	* msp430-decode.opc: New.
	* msp430-decode.c: New/generated.
	* (TARGET_LIBOPCODES_CFILES): Add msp430-decode.c.
	Add rule to build msp430-decode.c frommsp430decode.opc 		
        using the opc2c program.
	* Regenerate.
	* Add msp430-decode.lo to msp430 architecture files.
	* configure: Regenerate.

	* msp430-decode.h: New.

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