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Re: May need to update avr-as [Was: [Solved] GAS: Register equates ?]

On 18.05.13 18:54, Jens Bauer wrote:
> Hi Erik.
> Are you sure this works ?
> Try using the register...

Ahhh ... err, let's check a little more thoroughly. The example didn't
actually try it as a register. First, directly confirming Andreas'

   ldi 17,42      ; = r17 , immediate value.

produces this in the objdump:

 154: 1a e2          ldi   r17, 0x2A   ; 42

So AVR is one of those which accept plain numbers for
registers, thereby allowing (almost) arbitrarily named registers.

But you're right, as this:

   rColor = 17
   ldi rColor,42


Error: register name or number from 0 to 31 required

The parser grammar apparently wants a recognised register name if it
begins with r/R. (That's what I incorrectly thought had been fixed.)
There is an unintrusive workaround, at the cost of an extra keystroke:

   _rColor = 17
   ldi _rColor,42

That does produce the same result, shown by objdump. 

It would take a lexer tweak to do better than that, I figure.
(One unlikely to be favoured for a multi-target assembler, I'm

Looking more closely at the:

   .equ r0, 0
   .equ r31, 31

in the include file I've used for many years, I realise that they are
not being used in simple assembler commands, but I needed them
"To allow (r16, r16+1) in macros". (I had convinced myself that they
were effective in more than the macro invocations. :(

That just leaves the question whether _rColor is close enough for your
use case?



Wizards had always known that the act of observation changed the thing that
was observed, and sometimes forgot that it also changed the observer too.
                                   Terry Pratchett  -  Interesting times

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