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Re: Proposal: GAS, nested structures

On 16.05.13 00:28, Jens Bauer wrote:
> As for myself, I made RSRESET, RSSET, RS.B, RS.H, RS.L macros; these
> do not require sections, as they're only based upon .equ; but this can
> not solve my issue.

They need more work then ... perseverance ... drive ... insight and toil.
(E.g. Does the namespace tweak, outlined in this post, help?)

> What I didn't write was: I did find out how to use it, but it seems to
> me like it can do more than documented.

Using undocumented features can result in elegant macros, but can also
cease working after a decade or more, as support for that succumbs to
bitrot. It is a risk. (Offering to document a discovered useful
behaviour might be cheap insurance.)

> And while searching, I ran into documentation that mentioned 'struct'
> capabilites that the plain GNU Assembler did not support. -I do not
> recall exactly, but I think this one was an extended GAS from Texas
> Instruments.

If it helped your work, maybe ask them if they're inclined to contribute
it? (But some reluctance to maintain more than enough capability to
support gcc was expressed once on this list a while ago, AFAIR.)

> > What was it you found didn't work?
> It works fine, I do not have any problems getting it to work as expected.
> The reason for my post is mainly:
> 1: Make it possible to nest structures
> 2: Most important of all: Allow identical member names in multiple structures, eg.
>    struct Dog { uint16_t legs; uint16_t heads; uint16_t tails; };
>    struct Bird {uint16_t legs; uint16_t wings; uint16_t heads; };

Ah, yes, point 2 offers challenges. (Is it possible that it's time to
retreat to C once we're into that level of complexity?) Even if the
application mostly has e.g. interrupt handlers, hardware initialisation
and drivers, etc. implemented in assembler, a C module links in nicely,
especially if we're only making function calls between them.

But a workmanlike attempt can be made in assembler.
We can modify the "element" macro:

   .altmacro                  ; Allows '&' instead of "\()" separator.

   .macro element struct elem size     ; Struct ID added.
\struct&.\elem:                        ; Element name compounded.
   .struct \struct.\elem + \size
   struct_size = struct_size + \size

Now ldd  r16, Y + mystruct.that_element

provides the per-struct namespace for elements.

> 3: While we're at it, it might make sense to include unions in my proposal.

Well, that's just alternatives with the same start address, I figure.
Off the top of my head it looks easier than nesting.


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