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Re: [MIPS] R_MIPS_GOT_DISP interferes with lazy binding

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Richard Sandiford
<> wrote:
> Lee Duhem <> writes:
>>> It depends on what the source code is doing.  The two DRIBlockHandler
>>> R_MIPS_CALL16s sites are obviously direct calls to the function, but is
>>> the R_MIPS_GOT_DISP site too?  Or is the code taking the address of
>>> DRIBlockHandler, e.g. to use it as a callback?
>> There is only one direct call for DRIBlockHandler in glxdri.c. If it
>> is compiled with -O0, gcc will generate one R_MIPS_CALL16 relocation
>> for it, but with -O2, three relocations, two R_MIPS_CALL16 and one
>> R_MIPS_GOT_DISP, will be generated.
>> For DRIWakeupHandler, there is also only one direct call in glxdri.c.
>> And gcc with -O0 generates one R_MIPS_CALL16 relocation for it, but
>> with -O2, two R_MIPS_GOT_DISP relocations.
>> Does this mean that it is a gcc bug?
> Yeah, sounds like it :-(  Please file a bug report in

Currently, I am using GCC 4.4.6. I will first check this problem with the newest
GCC. If it still occurs, then I will file a bug immediately.

Thank you for your time.


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