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Re: RFC: Generating per-function DWARF line number sections

Hi Cary,

If we have a .debug_line.dwo section, readelf will treat that as a
fragment, and will not parse the section correctly. We end up with a
divide-by-zero error when trying to dump the section.

OK I can add a test for .debug_line.dwo and not treat it as a debug_line fragement.

I think we need a better way of identifying fragments of a debug
sections. What if someone has a function named "dwo"?

Under normal circumstances the fix proposed above will still work because gas will create a debug line fragment section called .debug_line.text.dwo. (Assuming that dwo() was compiled with function sectioning enabled).

To really muck things up the programmer would have to provide a section attribute to the dwo() function as well. Ie:

void dwo (void) __attribute__((section("dwo"));
void dwo (void) { ; }

And then compile it without function sectioning enabled but with --gdwarf-sections enabled. Which seems pretty unlikely to me.


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