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Re: Setting GNU OSABI on ARM

On Tuesday 30 April 2013 09:06:44 nick clifton wrote:
> > I was wondering if someone could help me figure out why all
> > architectures except ARM seem to set GNU OSABI when GNU indirect
> > function symbols are present?
> > 
> > The below patch sets GNU OSABI on ARM and lets us run the generic
> > ifunc tests (that run on i386, x86_64, sparc and powerpc). Is there
> > some historical reason why this is a bad idea?
> I do not know of any historical reason for this.  I suspect that it was
> just an accident of the development of ifunc support.
> There may be a practical issue however, in that changing the EI_OSABI
> field may break OSes that expect it to be set to ELOSABI_ARM  So whilst
> technically I have no objections to the patch I think that it would be
> wise to provide a configure time option to restore the original behavior.

has ifunc support been out long enough for that to be a realistic problem ?

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