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unsupported reloc 11 against global symbol

I receive the above error message when linking our proprietary software package with gold (binutils 2.22). The same code links (and works) without warnings/errors with the bfd linker. The code contains some hand-written assembler files along with a lot C/C++ code. I isolated the error to some hand-written assembler code that roughly looks like that:

	.globl MyFct
		bne MyFct

With that code fragment, you should be able to reproduce the error message. The error disappears when I either remove '.globl MyFct' or when I exchange 'bne' by 'b'. Having found this, I'm now able to slightly modify our assembler to workaround this linking issue. But I decided to post this message because it took me a while to found the root cause of the error message. Also, asking google about this error didn't show any useful results.

Finally, my question is whether our assembler code is buggy (although the bfd linker could deal with it), whether this is a missing gold feature or a whether this is a gold bug.


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