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Re: further behavioral issues with ARM assembler

On 08/04/13 16:05, Jan Beulich wrote:

alongside the fixes I sent during the day, I've also got questions on
whether to other aspects are intentional or bugs:

The first is the fact that ".arch all" doesn't work. The code specifically
suppresses this, but it doesn't become clear why. Obviously it would
be nice to have a way to return to this command line specifiable
mode via some directive.

It's tricky because of the potential interaction with the attributes marking on object files. The whole code in this area could do with an overhaul; I'm not sure that tinkering at the edges is going to solve the problems. Part of the problem is that we've got overlapping incompatible extensions in the co-processor instruction space.

Further there are several instructions where the specification says
PC-relative addresses are okay, yet the assembler rejects them. A
likely incomplete list is

Re-ordering your list slightly.

	ldrd	r0, r1, [r15, r2]
	ldrh	r0, [r15, r0]
> 	strd	r0, r1, [r15, r2]
> 	strh	r0, [r15, r0]

On first inspection, these appear to be errors in GAS.

	smlad	r0, r0, r0, r15

SMLAD with Ra=15 isn't permitted, if you read the pseudo code carefully, you'll see that if Ra = 15, then the instruction encodes SMUAD.

	smmla	r0, r0, r0, r15

Similarly this encodes SMMUL.

	vld1.8 	{d0}, [r15]

Section A7.7.1 "Advanced SIMD addressing mode" bans Rn=15 for all simd addresses.


Is this discrepancy intentional?

Thanks, Jan

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