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Re: [Patch, AARCH64] gc-section tests for PLT related relocations

Hi,  Couple of comments....

diff -urN src-tls/ld/testsuite/ld-aarch64/gc-plt-relocs.d
--- src-tls/ld/testsuite/ld-aarch64/gc-plt-relocs.d 1970-01-01
05:30:00.000000000 +0530
+++ src-plt-tls/ld/testsuite/ld-aarch64/gc-plt-relocs.d 2013-04-03
11:50:02.562593137 +0530
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+#source: gc-plt1.s
+#source: gc-plt-main.s
+#source: gc-plt-hidden.s
+#source: gc-plt2.s
+#ld: --gc-sections -T aarch64.ld --shared
+#objdump: -dT
+# Shared object with plt related relocs against global symbol
+# and local functions gced. After gc-section removal we are

Double space after period (GNU coding style).

+# checking that function does not exit

exit -> exists.

+.*:     file format elf64-littleaarch64

This also needs to handle BE.


On 3 April 2013 08:20, Venkataramanan Kumar
<> wrote:
> Hi Maintainers,
> This patch adds gc-section tests for PLT related aarch64 relocations
> on top of the TLS and GOT tests that I posted last week.
> These additional tests are passing with make check for aarch64-none-linux-gnu.
> No regressions.
> The patch that covers TLS and GOT can be found here:
> If it is Ok for trunk, please commit on my behalf?
> regards,
> Venkat.

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