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Re: [GOLD] add new method for computing a build ID (take 2)

Thanks, Cary.

Re: adding the Hash_tasks during queue_final_tasks(): done.

Re: ">>" for the second echo (multiple places in done.

Re: my use of mutable: removed.

Re: thread-count-final: Yes, I think it is OK to use that.

Re: the long option names: I left them as they were, but don't feel strongly.

Re: the number of tasks vs the number of threads: I decided to let the
mathematical function to compute be independent of the number of
threads.  That way (all else being equal) Alice running with
--thread-count=8 will get the same build ID as Bob running with
--thread-count=4 and Charlie who configured gold with
--disable-threads. I slightly rearranged the logic for my tests (in to reflect this.

thanks again,


        * (queue_final_tasks): invoke layout->queue_build_id_tasks().
        * (Hash_task): New class.
        (Layout::queue_build_id_tasks): New function.
        (Layout::write_build_id): Handle single-thread portion of build ID
        computation.  (In some cases, all of it is single-threaded.)  Replace
        {sha1,md5}_process_bytes with {sha1,md5}_buffer to get the same
        functionality in fewer lines of code.
        * layout.h (Layout::queue_build_id_tasks): New function declaration.
        * options.h (General_options): make "--build-id" default to tree
        rather than sha1.  Add two new options related to --build-id=tree:
        --build-id-chunk-size-for-treehash and
        * add testing of --build-id=tree and related new options
        (these tests will be invoked by "make check")
        * regenerate

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