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Re: [Patch, AARCH64] Enable some gc-sections tests


Thanks for your patch.

On 15 March 2013 15:16, Venkataramanan Kumar
<> wrote:

> I have enabled few gc-sections tests in attached patch for aarch64 target.
> Built aarch64-none-linux-gnu and make check passes the tests now.
> if Ok for trunk, can someone apply them?

In future patch submissions please place the ChangeLog in the email
body rather than in the patch itself.

+2013-03-15  Venkataramanan Kumar  <>
+	* ld-elf/group8a.d: Remove aarch64
+	from list of targets that don't run this test case.

ChangeLog entries should if possible indicate what was changed, how
about this wording instead:

+       * ld-elf/group8a.d (notarget): Remove aarch64*-*-*.

+	* ld-elf/group8b.d: Likewise
+	* ld-elf/group9a.d: Likewise
+	* ld-elf/group9b.d: Likewise
+	* ld-elf/pr12851.d: Likewise
+	* ld-elf/pr12975.d: Likewise
+	* ld-elf/pr13177.d: Likewise
+	* ld-elf/pr13195.d: Likewise

ChangeLog entries are sentences therefore they end with a period.

 2013-03-08  Venkataramanan Kumar  <>

-        * lib/ld-lib.exp (check_gc_sections_available): Remove aarch64
+	* lib/ld-lib.exp (check_gc_sections_available): Remove aarch64

This should not be part of this patch.

Otherwise the patch itself is fine, I've committed it for you with
this ChangeLog entry:

2013-03-20  Venkataramanan Kumar  <>

       * ld-elf/group8a.d (notarget): Remove aarch64*-*-*.
       * ld-elf/group8b.d: Likewise.
       * ld-elf/group9a.d: Likewise.
       * ld-elf/group9b.d: Likewise.
       * ld-elf/pr12851.d: Likewise.
       * ld-elf/pr12975.d: Likewise.
       * ld-elf/pr13177.d: Likewise.
       * ld-elf/pr13195.d: Likewise.


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