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Re: [PATCH v2] NIOS2: Test suite changes

On 03/10/2013 06:20 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:

This patch deletes four files which are not used by nios2.exp.  The rol
test seem to be a copy of the MIPS test suite.  The mov test uses
instructions not defined for Nios II.

Instead of a file enumeration the run_dump_tests function is used to run
the dump tests in nios2.exp.

The instruction values are checked.  This ensures that the assembler
generates something the processor can understand.

I do not have commit access.  If someone approves this patch, please
commit it also.

2013-03-10 Sebastian Huber <>

	* gas/nios2/nios2.exp: Use run_dump_tests.
	* gas/nios2/mov.d: Delete file.
	* gas/nios2/mov.s: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/rol.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/rol.s: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/add.d: Check instruction values.
	* gas/nios2/align_fill.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/and.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/branch.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/bret.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/cache.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/call.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/call26.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/cmp.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/comments.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/complex.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/ctl.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/custom.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/etbt.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/flushda.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/jmp.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/ldb.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/ldh.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/ldw.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/lineseparator.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/movi.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/movia.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/mul.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/nor.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/or.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/registers.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/ret.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/rotate.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/stb.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/sth.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/stw.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/sub.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/sync.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/trap.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/tret.d: Likewise.
	* gas/nios2/xor.d: Likewise.

Thanks! This looks like a good improvement to the test suite. I've checked in the patch for you.


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