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Re: [PATCH] Add OSE operating system support [0/5]


According to the comments from Pedro. I will post new introduce and changelog for each patches.


On 03/05/13 23:28, Pedro Alves wrote:
On 03/05/2013 09:56 AM, Hui Zhu wrote:

OSE is a proprietary real time embedded operating system provided by ENEA. On Power it supports both a single address space and multiple address spaces.

These patches make GDB support Power OSE target systems. And GDB can connect to the GDB STUB that running on the OSE and debug the programe that running on OSE.

I will introduce them clear inside the mails of that paches.

I really don't want to sound territorial or something, but I'm quite sure I wrote most if not all these patches, not Luis. :-)

You should really really dig out the internal CodeSourcery
mail archives that introduce these patches...  I usually took
care to write good explanations to make it easy to push
the patches upstream later.  For instance, the OSE core format
is IFF based, and the patch is built upon an existing reader.
I recall explaining all that in the original patches.

The remote relocation one is another where I recall a long
explanation -- your post doesn't actually describe what
_problem_ is being addressed, but I'm sure you'll find all
that in the internal archives.  It'd be very good if you dug
that out.

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