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Re: [GOLD] debug_msg test

> Yes, I'm sure we don't have a problem with the dwarf info.  (Or at
> least, it's not an easy problem to fix.)  PowerPC64 doesn't have a
> linker managed GOT like most other targets.  Instead the compiler
> manages the GOT (and calls it TOC).  That results in no relocation
> on the actual code referencing a variable, but one in the TOC section
> instead.  Like a linker managed GOT, a TOC entry can serve multiple
> references to a given symbol, so there isn't really any way to
> associate a TOC entry with a particular source/line.  I suppose we
> could modify gcc to output one source/line combo on TOC entries, but
> we don't do that currently.
> A similar situation happens on ppc32 with -fPIC and the .got2 section,
> which again is a compiler managed GOT.

It sounds like it's impractical, then, to get a line number in this
case, so I'd suggest suppressing that one check for powerpc.

Something like the attached should work.

        * testsuite/ Export DEFAULT_TARGET to test scripts.
        * testsuite/ Regenerate.
        * testsuite/ Delete duplicate tests.  Don't check undef_int
        error message match for powerpc where the source file and line number
        aren't available.


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