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[GOLD] ifunc tests

ifuncmain1pie and ifuncmain6pie fail on powerpc, because the ifunc
resolver function runs *before* all GOT relocations have been applied.
(The tests all pass on powerpc64 with a recent gcc due to
-mcmodel=medium avoiding the GOT/TOC.  They fail with any other

This patch implements a similar trick to that used in glibc for
powerpc.  OK to apply?

	* testsuite/ifunc-sel.h (ifunc_sel, ifunc_one): Mark
	always_inline.  Add assembly for powerpc to avoid GOT.

Index: gold/testsuite/ifunc-sel.h
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gold/testsuite/ifunc-sel.h,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -p -r1.1 ifunc-sel.h
--- gold/testsuite/ifunc-sel.h	19 Aug 2010 22:50:16 -0000	1.1
+++ gold/testsuite/ifunc-sel.h	6 Mar 2013 09:51:12 -0000
@@ -4,23 +4,89 @@
 extern int global;
-static inline void *
+static inline __attribute__ ((always_inline)) void *
 ifunc_sel (int (*f1) (void), int (*f2) (void), int (*f3) (void))
- switch (global)
-   {
-   case 1:
-     return f1;
-   case -1:
-     return f2;
-   default:
-     return f3;
-   }
+#ifdef __powerpc__
+  /* When generating PIC, powerpc gcc loads the address of "global"
+     from the GOT, but the GOT may not have been relocated.
+     Similarly, "f1", "f2" and "f3" may be loaded from non-relocated
+     GOT entries.
+     There is NO WAY to make this ill conceived IFUNC misfeature
+     reliably work on targets that use a GOT for function or variable
+     addresses, short of implementing two passes over relocations in
+, with ifunc relocations being applied after all other
+     relocations, globally.
+     Cheat.  Don't use the GOT.  Rely on this function being inlined
+     and calculate all variable and function addresses relative to pc.
+     Using the 'X' constraint is risky, but that's the only way to
+     make the asm here see the function names for %4, %5 and %6.
+     Sadly, powerpc64 gcc doesn't accept use of %3 here with 'X' for
+     some reason, so we expand it ourselves.  */
+  register void *ret __asm__ ("r3");
+  void *temp1, *temp2;
+  __asm__ ("mflr %1\n\t"
+	   "bcl 20,31,1f\n"
+	   "1:\tmflr %2\n\t"
+	   "mtlr %1\n\t"
+	   "addis %1,%2,global-1b@ha\n\t"
+	   "lwz %1,global-1b@l(%1)\n\t"
+	   "addis %0,%2,%4-1b@ha\n\t"
+	   "addi %0,%0,%4-1b@l\n\t"
+	   "cmpwi %1,1\n\t"
+	   "beqlr\n\t"
+	   "addis %0,%2,%5-1b@ha\n\t"
+	   "addi %0,%0,%5-1b@l\n\t"
+	   "cmpwi %1,-1\n\t"
+	   "beqlr\n\t"
+	   "addis %0,%2,%6-1b@ha\n\t"
+	   "addi %0,%0,%6-1b@l"
+	   : "=&b" (ret), "=&b" (temp1), "=&b" (temp2)
+	   : "X" (&global), "X" (f1), "X" (f2), "X" (f3));
+  return ret;
+  switch (global)
+    {
+    case 1:
+      return f1;
+    case -1:
+      return f2;
+    default:
+      return f3;
+    }
-static inline void *
+static inline __attribute__ ((always_inline)) void *
 ifunc_one (int (*f1) (void))
+#ifdef __powerpc__
+  /* As above, PIC may use an unrelocated GOT entry for f1.
+     Case study: ifuncmain6pie's shared library,, wants
+     the address of "foo" in function get_foo().  So there is a GOT
+     entry for "foo" in relocates
+     *before* ifuncmain6pie, and on finding "foo" to be STT_GNU_IFUNC,
+     calls this function with f1 set to "one".  But the address of
+     "one" is loaded from ifuncmain6pie's GOT, which hasn't been
+     relocated yet.
+     Cheat as for ifunc-sel.  */
+  register void *ret __asm__ ("r3");
+  void *temp;
+  __asm__ ("mflr %1\n\t"
+	   "bcl 20,31,1f\n"
+	   "1:\tmflr %0\n\t"
+	   "mtlr %1\n\t"
+	   "addis %0,%0,%2-1b@ha\n\t"
+	   "addi %0,%0,%2-1b@l"
+	   : "=&b" (ret), "=&r" (temp)
+	   : "X" (f1));
+  return ret;
   return f1;

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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