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Re: [PATCH 3/4] Add readelf/objdump support for version 2 DWARF package files

Hi Cary,

This patch adds readelf/objdump support for version 2 of the proposed DWARF
package file format, documented here:

         * dwarf.c (cu_tu_indexes_read, shndx_pool, shndx_pool_size)
         (shndx_pool_used): Move to top of file.
         (struct cu_tu_set): New type.
         (cu_count, tu_count, cu_sets, tu_sets): New file scope variables.
         (fetch_indexed_string): Add "this_set" parameter.  Update all callers.
         (find_cu_tu_set_v2): New function.
         (read_and_display_attr_value): Add "this_set" parameter.
         (read_and_display_attr): Likewise.
         (process_debug_info): Track base offsets for DWARF package files.
         (load_debug_info): Call load_cu_tu_indexes.
         (get_DW_SECT_short_name): New function.
         (process_cu_tu_index): Add support for version 2 DWARF package files.

Approved - please apply - but, please could you also include the link above as a comment somewhere so that interested parties reading the source code can find out about DWARF package files.


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