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--as-needed change wrt undefined weak symbols

-Ttext and phdr_in_segment

/usr/ld Not enough room for program headers

[0/9] Nios II port, introduction

Re: [ARM/gold] Fix the "DIV usage mismatch between blah.o and output" error

[commit] root .gitignore resynchronized with GCC's...

[COMMITTED PATCH] --enable-new-dtags by default for *-*-nacl* targets

[Committed] Add myself as AArch64 co-maintainer.

[Committed] S/390: Support NT_S390_LAST_BREAK and NT_S390_SYSTEM_CALL in readelf

[dwp patch] Add --exec option.

[gold patch ob] Fix gold configure to keep CXXFLAGS correctly

[gold] enable sorting of text sections with the same prefix

[gold] Fix function declarations

[Gold] how to do relax in Gold ?

Re: [gold] PATCH: Add -fuse-ld= for GCC linker option compatibility

[gold] PATCH: PR gold/14993: Section sorting interferes with the incremental update

[gold] PATCH: Update copyright year to 2013

[obvious] dwarf.c (display_debug_addr): Add missing parentheses to expression.

[PATCH 1/2 v3] ld: add new --{dis,en}able-new-dtags-only flag

[PATCH 1/2 v4] ld: change --enable-new-dtags to only generate new dtags

[PATCH 1/2 v5] ld: change --enable-new-dtags to only generate new dtags

[PATCH 1/2] New entry points for writing Linux NT_PRPSINFO notes.

[PATCH 1/3] Implement new Linux target vectors on BFD

[patch 1/9] Nios II port, top-level configury

[patch 10/9] Nios II port NEWS + MAINTAINERS updates

[PATCH 2/2 v4] gold: enable new dtags by default

[PATCH 2/2 v5] gold: enable new dtags by default

[PATCH 2/2] gold: enable new dtags by default

[PATCH 2/2] Put more info in NT_PRPSINFO Linux notes

[PATCH 2/3] Reimplement PRPSINFO support on BFD

[patch 2/9] Nios II bfd support, V2

[patch 2/9] Nios II port, bfd support

[PATCH 3/3] Implement new PRPSINFO support on GDB

[patch 3/9] Nios II opcodes support, V2

[patch 3/9] Nios II port, opcodes support

[patch 4/9] Nios II gas support, V2

[patch 4/9] Nios II port, gas support

[patch 5/9] Nios II support, new gas tests

[patch 6/9] Nios II port, ld support

[patch 7/9] Nios II port, new ld tests

[patch 8/9] Nios II port, ld testsuite fixes

[patch 9/9] Nios II port, readelf support

Re: [Patch AIX]: Adjust gas baselines

[PATCH ARM] add support for mcpu=marvell-pj4

[patch ld]: Fix def-file-parser for x64 about BASE-address scalar-width

[patch libiberty's include]: Fixes PR 39064 and partial PR 54620

[patch libiberty]: Fix PR 543413

[patch libiberty]: Fix PR 54620

Re: [PATCH mingw/gold] Fix mingw gold build with plugins enabled for non-dlfcn case

[PATCH mingw/gold] Plugins cleanup fails on windows due to open handle

Re: [PATCH v2 0/6] Add port for Imagination Technologies Meta

[PATCH v2] ld: add new --enable-new-dtags-only flag

[Patch, AArch64] Add support for alias instructions SXTL, SXTL2, UXTL and UXTL2

[Patch, AArch64] Add support for preload instruction hints in PRFM <prfop> operand

[Patch, AArch64] Fix the check of the system register parsing result

[Patch, AArch64] Support optional LSL #0 in 8-bit form MOVI as an architecture syntax instead of a programmer-friendly feature

Re: [Patch, AArch64][v2][Ping] Disassemble MOVZ, MOVN and ORR as MOV

Re: [Patch, ARM/AArch64] Add new elf note types

[patch, gas] Change 'internal Error' to 'internal error'

Re: [PATCH/RFC 01/02 v2] Refactor PRPSINFO handling on Binutils

Re: [PATCH/RFC 02/02 v2] Refactor PRPSINFO handling on GDB

Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] Add mips*el-rtems stubs

Re: [PATCH] [RFC] ld: add new --enable-new-dtags-only flag

[PATCH] add all missing section flags to objcopy

[PATCH] Add initial POWER8 and HTM support

[PATCH] add merge and strings flags to objcopy

[PATCH] Add myself as Meta maintainer

[patch] allow suppression of fde encoding warning

[PATCH] avoid crash with objdump -P

[PATCH] avoid undefined behavior due to oversized shifts

[PATCH] bfd/elf32-metag.c: Error on HIADDR16/LOADDR16 in shared link.

[patch] Enable long section names for --add-gnu-debuglink

Fwd: [PATCH] Fix PR54659, include gmp.h from system.h

[patch] Fix readelf problems displaying loclists in .dwo files

[PATCH] Fix use of @itemx in GAS doc

[PATCH] gas/metag: Make SWAP instruction less permissive with its operands

[PATCH] gas: arm: include location in "bad immediate value for 8-bit offset" error

[PATCH] gas: fix pathological memory use with many macros

[PATCH] Large section data, was: [PATCH] Updated RDOS support

[PATCH] ld: enable new dtags by default for linux/gnu targets

[PATCH] Merge config.{guess,sub} from config repo

[PATCH] opcodes/metag-dis.c: Fix buffer overflow in MMOV disassembler.

[PATCH] Re: -Ttext and phdr_in_segment

[PATCH] readelf.c: fix multiple pointer overflows

Re: [PATCH] Recognize the armv7 pe magic

[patch] rl78 user-relocs in .word

Re: [PATCH] Scan for Mach-O start address in LC_MAIN and properly check bfd_mach_o_scan_start_address's return value

[PATCH] support -U and respect configure --enable-deterministic-archives in objcopy/strip

Re: [PATCH] Support for MIPS R5900 (Sony Playstation 2)

[PATCH] Support VU0 on MIPS R5900

[PATCH] Sync configure{,.ac}, Makefile.{def,in} with GCC

[PATCH] Update config.sub from config repo

[PATCH] Updated RDOS support

RE: [RFA 3/5] New port: CR16: gdb port

[RFA] Handle .gdb_index version 8.

Re: [RFA] New port: CR16: BFD Changes required by the gdb port

binutils 2.20 gone missing?

binutils 2.23.2?

bootstrap broken for mingw and cygwin targets (and other none-elf targets)

Broken repository [Re: [patch] rl78 user-relocs in .word]

Commit: MSP430: Fix spelling typo.

Commit: V850: Add support for V850E3V5 architecture

Commit: V850: Fix encoding of PREPARE insn

Re: config.{guess,sub} upgrade

Correct digest to ask questions

Don't generate .PPC.EMB.apuinfo sections for 64-bit output

Fix use of @itemx in binutils doc

gas testsuite tweaks

Re: Glibc installation

GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - 2nd Call for Abstracts

Gold bug in ordering text sections.

gold testsuite make clean

h8300-elf-ld --relax, support for MOV instructions with addressing mode "register indirect with displacement"

h8300-elf-ld aborts with internal error when relax enabled

Huge .eh_frame section with C++ exceptions, --gc-sections discards too much

IFUNC question (looking to implement it on MIPS)

invocation of mips_elf_multi_got can cause not enough GOT space for local GOT entries

ld testsuite tweaks

ld: linking to GNU_UNIQUE symbol does not set ELFOSABI_GNU

Linker scripts and Section Reordering.

m68k arch/cpu directives

Not so minor a fix for --enable-targets=all

patch r5900/micromips handling

PATCH: Add 2 run-time tests for size relocation against hidden symbols



PATCH: Add R_386_SIZE32/R_X86_64_SIZE32/R_X86_64_SIZE64 support to bfd

PATCH: Add R_386_SIZE32/R_X86_64_SIZE32/R_X86_64_SIZE64 support to gas

PATCH: Count size relocation as PC-relative relocation

PATCH: Define R_386_SIZE32/R_X86_64_SIZE32/R_X86_64_SIZE64

PATCH: Define R_X86_64_standard with R_X86_64_RELATIVE64

Re: PATCH: Fix ELF visibility handling

Patch: minor som.c fix for --enable-targets=all

Re: PATCH: PR gas/14899: Missing gas dependency for ld and gold

PATCH: PR gas/15019: [x86] "xtrn@got -1" doesn't work

Re: PATCH: PR gold/14897: gold is installed as default ld by accident

PATCH: Resolve size relocation against non-empty TLS symbol

PATCH: Sync libstdc++-raw-cxx.m4 with GCC

PATCH: Update copyright year to 2013

PATCH: Update x86 size relocation check

PATCH: Verify run-time size relocations if supported

Performance bug while ordering .text sections by default in gold.

plugin testsuite tweak

power7 thread safe plt call stubs

Power7 thread-safe plt call stubs

PowerPC64 dynreloc miscount failure

powerpc64 plugin tests

PowerPC64 relocation error messages

PowerPC64 stub names

PR ld/12649 and --as-needed cleanup

pr14813 revisted

pr15018 fix

PR15056 fix

Re: R_ARM_TLS_DTPMOD32 Relocation

reposting Nios II port

RFA: rename std_section

RFA: share debug-link function with BFD

Rotate binutils ChangeLogs for 2013

section indices for special sections

Should we remove trailing white spaces?

a simple question about link

Re: a simple question about link

size-7 and size-8 failures

Re: Spurious undefined reference error?

stabs support in binutils, gcc, and gdb

stabs/dwarf size comparison on CSiBE (Was: stabs support in binutils, gcc, and gdb)

stmt extends past logical end

Re: Support for MIPS r5900

Re: Testsuite de-Linuxification

Tu verras c'est top !

tweak elf_add_dt_needed_tag

Upstreaming 300-binutils-avr-size.patch

v850 ld error

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