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Re: [PATCH] Re: -Ttext and phdr_in_segment

As Alan Modra wrote:

> The implementation looks OK, but I believe this patch should be
> reviewed by the AVR maintainers.  There may be some unforseen effect.

I reviewed it, and Eric Weddington had a chance to review it, too, but
did not object.

Most AVR users extract the binary contents from the ELF file anyway
(using objcopy), so they won't care.  There are only two direct
consumers of the ELF file known by now.  One of them (Atmel Studio)
discovered the problem since they could not properly handle the
additional header that is placed there when moving the text section
away from its default address 0, and the other one (Opensource
AVRDUDE) has been verified to handle both cases well, without as well
as with the change applied.
Joerg Wunsch * Development engineer, Dresden, Germany

Atmel Automotive GmbH, Theresienstrasse 2, D-74027 Heilbronn
Geschaeftsfuehrung: Steven A. Laub, Stephen Cumming
Amtsgericht Stuttgart, Registration HRB 106594

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