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Re: [patch 4/9] Nios II port, gas support

On 01/24/2013 01:56 PM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
It looks like you are documenting assembler options in both as.texinfo and
c-nios2.texi.  See
<> for details of
how to document options without having duplicate copies of the
descriptions of each option that could get out of sync.

OK, I've fixed this for the next version of the patch set to be posted, but.... I note that I matched the style of the surrounding documentation sections -- which do not follow that convention -- when I reviewed and copy-edited the Nios II documentation, and guidelines buried in the mail archives from 2+ years ago are not exactly obvious to new contributors.

It also does not seem like leaving it up to the individual target maintainers to update the assembler docs has been a successful policy. If I were to work on a (separate) patch to tidy up all the target option documentation, could that be handled strictly as a documentation patch without having to get explicit approval from all 40 bazillion target maintainers?


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