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[0/9] Nios II port, introduction

This patch series adds a binutils port for the Altera Nios II processor, a 32-bit RISC target. Mentor Graphics has a full toolchain port for this processor supporting both bare-metal ELF and GNU/Linux targets, including ports for GCC, Newlib, GLIBC, and GDB. We will be submitting the ports for the other components in due course.

This port was originally developed by Altera ca 2003-2005, and since then it has been hacked on by a cast of thousands ;-) at CodeSourcery and Mentor Graphics. While this port has been available for some time, Altera have only recently assigned their copyright in the code to the FSF, so we now have the legal right to submit it for inclusion in mainline.

Andrew Jenner ( and I are willing to act as co-maintainers for the port. Andrew implemented the Linux ABI and target support some years ago, and my contribution has been updating the patches against mainline head, general code review and cleanup, and fixing bugs.

I've split the patch series into 9 pieces for convenience in reviewing, although it's intended that all (except perhaps part 8) will be committed together.

1/9: top-level configury
2/9: bfd support
3/9: opcodes support
4/9: gas support
5/9: new gas tests
6/9: ld support
7/9: new ld tests
8/9: ld testsuite fixes
9/9: readelf support



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