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[Committed] S/390: Support NT_S390_LAST_BREAK and NT_S390_SYSTEM_CALL in readelf


I've committed the attached patch which adds two output strings for
new notes section entries in core files.



2013-01-23  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* readelf.c: Add strings for NT_S390_LAST_BREAK and

 binutils/readelf.c |    4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

Index: binutils/binutils/readelf.c
--- binutils.orig/binutils/readelf.c
+++ binutils/binutils/readelf.c
@@ -12811,6 +12811,10 @@ get_note_type (unsigned e_type)
 	return _("NT_S390_CTRS (s390 control registers)");
       case NT_S390_PREFIX:
 	return _("NT_S390_PREFIX (s390 prefix register)");
+      case NT_S390_LAST_BREAK:
+	return _("NT_S390_LAST_BREAK (s390 last breaking event address)");
+      case NT_S390_SYSTEM_CALL:
+	return _("NT_S390_SYSTEM_CALL (s390 system call restart data)");
       case NT_ARM_VFP:
 	return _("NT_ARM_VFP (arm VFP registers)");
       case NT_ARM_TLS:

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