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RE: Upstreaming 300-binutils-avr-size.patch


It appears the binutils patches at were originally donated by the opensource community, most are upstreamed versions of patches donated years ago...

After contacting an ATMEL employee, it sounded like the company did have signed copyright assignment papers with the FSF.  What is the next step in upstreaming the patches to the CVS?

My current concern is that there are ~50 of the binutils patches and upstreaming them every 4 months to run gcc-testing is a little daunting... as well as, upstreaming the patches again between versions sounds like it could be a burden for people using avr-binutils... 

Cynthia Rempel
From: Mike Frysinger []
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:25 PM
Cc: Cynthia Rempel
Subject: Re: Upstreaming 300-binutils-avr-size.patch

On Saturday 19 January 2013 18:39:29 Cynthia Rempel wrote:
> What is required to upstream some of the AVR patches found at
> avr-patches.tar.gz into the main binutils distribution?

the biggest hurdle will most likely be making sure the authors (and their
employers if applicable) of the code have signed copyright assignment papers
with the FSF

also, please don't post patches to the bug tracker

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