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Re: binutils 2.20 gone missing?

Hi Seb,

I'm trying to reproduce a toolchain from source to the point of being
able to produce binary identical output from an tag of our sources.
The toolchain used to use 2.20, so that's what I was going for. I
wanted to know why 2.20 had been removed. I.e. was it an accident or
was there some serious flaw with it and it was recalled. In that
latter case I need to think about whether we really DO want to produce
binary identical output or rather get the benefit of not having the
flaw. (whatever that might be).

To be honest with you, I do not know why it was pulled from the FSF's website. Space considerations maybe ? 2.20,1 is a bug-fix-only improvement on the 2.20 sources, so if the FSF servers are running out of room, it would make sense to only include the latest version of each major release.

Since you are able to find the 2.20 release elsewhere I would suggest that you stick with that. At least until you encounter problems which might be fixed by a later release.


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