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Gold bug in ordering text sections.


    This patch to gold :
broke option --section-ordering-file and plugin based reordering. This
patch treats text sections as reorderable when special prefixes like
"" are seen. However, when --section-ordering-file (or
plugins) is also used then it cannot override the default sorting as
the code in to do sorting checks for
"must_sort_attached_input_sections()" first and this is always true
for .text sections with those prefixes.

   I have created the following patch to fix this. I have basically
disabled default sorting of .text sections in the presence of
--section-ordering-file or plugins. I think this makes sense because
this is also disabled in the presence of linker scripts.

  One other alternative is to unset
"must_sort_attached_input_sections" for ".text" if
section-ordering-file or plugins do reorder ".text".  This can sort
.text sections by default if --section-ordering-file does not touch
any .text sections. I think this is overkill though.

   This went unnoticed because none of the test cases generated the
special prefix for input text sections. I have modified the plugin
based test case to catch this problem. This test case will fail if the
patch to is not present.

  Please let me know what you think.


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