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Re: [PATCH 2/2] gold: enable new dtags by default

On Tuesday 15 January 2013 14:06:00 Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:41 AM, Mike Frysinger <> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 15 January 2013 09:47:08 Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> >> I'm not aware of any --new-dtags-only option in gold.
> > 
> > [patch 1/2] adds the option
> > 
> >> The patch changing the default for --new-dtags to true is OK.
> > 
> > k k ... i'll wait for the first patch to merge
> I don't know that that patch is going to be approved.  I also don't
> know that it makes sense to have it default to true.  That said with
> regard to --new-dtags-only I'm willing to have gold do whatever GNU ld
> does.
> For --new-dtags I'm willing to have the default be true even if the
> default for GNU ld is false.

patch 1/2 doesn't change any defaults ... just adds a new flag

patch 2/2 makes gold default to true because gold is so new and is easy to do

i'd like to do something with ld.bfd to default new-dtags-only to true for 
linux systems, but that's a bit harder to pull off in the current ld.bfd 
framework.  so i posted the current code as is since they're usable already.

in Gentoo, i plan on changing the ld.bfd default

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