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Re: stabs support in binutils, gcc, and gdb

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 3:10 AM, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
> I was able to speak to Tristan, yesterday, and he confirmed that
> we haven't been able to contribute a few of the patches he wrote.
> Unfortunately, his TODO list is more than full, at the moment, and
> we don't think he'll have time to work on that for a while. I might
> have time in the next few weeks to track them down - if I do, I will
> post them.
> With all patches, we are able to bootstrap GCC 4.7. But we haven't
> tried the HEAD version. From David's report, it sounds like we should
> expect additional work if we want to do it.

It would be helpful for Adacore to contribute the support upstream
into the FSF tree, not only to make GNU Binutils more useful on AIX
but to avoid others duplicating your work -- especially in
incompatible ways.

The large TOC feature (cmodel=large) is not used by default and the
TLS feature is not enabled by default, so HEAD probably should
bootstrap with your private changes to Binutils. TLS tests for
assembler support, so that should fail with Binutils.

I had wanted your feedback about TLS within Ada before enabling the
configuration test by default, but that apparently will not be
possible with the way that Adacore's development model on AIX has

Thanks, David

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