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Re: stabs support in binutils, gcc, and gdb

> > Can you please clarify what "GNU ld is not completely usable" means?
> > Is that referring to DWARF support? to compatibility with specific AIX
> > releases? to compatibility with AIX DWARF feature?
> Sorry, I meant what "GNU ld is now completely usable" means because I
> believe that it actually is NOT completely usable on AIX.

AdaCore has successfully switched to GNU ld on AIX, tested on AIX
version 5.x and 7.x. We use a version derived from an old HEAD,
I believe, but the latest release might have all the necessary
changes. I cannot tell you that it's perfect, and some options
provided by the native linker might not be implemented (particularly
the options relating to TOCs). But we released GNAT Pro 7.0.1/7.0.2
using GNU ld early last year, and I don't remember seeing any real
problem being reported.

We had to do some changes, and make some fixes, mostly done by
Tristan, and normally they should have been contributed to the
FSF tree. Overall, I think we're pretty happy with GNU ld as
of now.


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