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Re: [PATCH] Scan for Mach-O start address in LC_MAIN and properly check bfd_mach_o_scan_start_address's return value

> > I recommend you do the paperwork now, because it does take a few
> > weeks to complete.
> Ok, I'm happy to start this now. Someone (Nick?) let me know what I
> need to do.

For the record, I have sent David the form to get started.

> > You'll need to characterize what the user-visible problems are
> > that your patch is solving. If deemed critical and assessed as
> > completely safe, we can hold the release for a few more days.
> It would be nice to see Tristan's changes to BFD from November 14th
> make it into 7.5.1. Without them you get a whole bunch of errors every
> time you run GDB ( You can continue
> working after that, but it's ugly and gives the impression that GDB is
> somehow broken. There are also some functional changes regarding how
> these new load commands are handled, but I don't know how they affect
> GDB.

I just talked it over with Tristan, and we think that it's better to
keep these changes out of the gdb-7.5 branch. We'll claim Mountain
Lion support with the GDB 7.6 release, which is only 2-3 months away.

> I don't know enough about GDB yet to know what user-visible problems
> my patch fixes. Without it, abfd->start_address can be NULL when it
> shouldn't be for binaries compiled on OS X 10.8 (possibly 10.7 too,
> but I don't have an install to check).

What I am wondering is what problem triggered you to look at the code.
But it looks like the answer to that question isn't urgent anymore,
as Tristan isn't going to be able to re-write a new version of your
patch in time for the 7.5.1 release.


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