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Re: [PATCH] Scan for Mach-O start address in LC_MAIN and properly check bfd_mach_o_scan_start_address's return value

> I'm not sure how involved I'm going to be, so go ahead and rewrite it.
> The next time I submit some code, I will do the paperwork.

I recommend you do the paperwork now, because it does take a few weeks
to complete.

> One question: do you know if there are going to be any more GDB 7.5.x
> releases or will the next release be 7.6? It would be nice if this
> change and your changes supporting the new load commands could be in
> the next version of GDB, whatever that ends up being. If there's going
> to be a 7.5.1, I'm happy to backport the changes to the 7.5 branch.
> I'll probably be making a patch to 7.5 for the homebrew
> ( formula anyway.

I just sent an email earlier today, actually, suggesting that
we make a 7.5.1 release around Wed next week. It's getting really
tight for getting this in that release, unless it's critical.

You'll need to characterize what the user-visible problems are
that your patch is solving. If deemed critical and assessed as
completely safe, we can hold the release for a few more days.


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