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Re: [rfc] bi-arch for x86-64 corefile.

On 10/30/2012 01:54 PM, Mark Kettenis wrote:

> The problem is that the Linux core file support in bfd is still relies
> on native headers.  Trying to "fix them up" for bi-arch like what's been
> done for the last couple of years on Linux is never going to give you
> true cross-debugging support.

I agree.  The core files' layout is ABI, so we should not need, and should
not rely on host headers for generating core files.  Given that gcore
works with gdbserver too, a non-x86 hosted GDB debugging against
a x86 gdbserver should be able to generate x86 core files, without
x86 target headers present when building the non-x86 gdb/bfd.
I very much support that direction.

The patch looks to me a a small step in the right direction,
in that we rely a little bit less on the host headers though.
I don't know what structures and constants we're still picking up
from host headers.

Regardless, that's independent of the --enable-64-bit-bfd vs
--enable-targets=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu issue, which seems like
H.J has just fixed.  Thanks!

Pedro Alves

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