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Re: [rfc] bi-arch for x86-64 corefile.

On 10/30/2012 12:37 PM, Yao Qi wrote:

> This requires something different in configure options.  In my previous patch, when configure i686-pc-linux-gnu-gdb to handle bi-arch, we run configure with '--enable-64-bit-bfd'.  In current trunk (w/ your patch), we have to run configure with '--enable-targets=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu'.
> Copy gdb@ here to make sure GDB people are aware of this change, otherwise, configuring gdb with '--enable-64-bit-bfd' only still doesn't work for handling x86-64 corefile on x86 gdb.

That sounds like an unnecessary restriction.  A 32-bit GDB can debug a 64-bit
inferior with gdbserver just fine (it can also debug a 64-bit core), provided GDB
is built with --enable-64-bit-bfd.  Yes, debugging a native 64-bit inferior won't
work due to ptrace limitations, but GDB's gcore command can generate cores
even when remote debugging w/ gdbserver.

We have things like this, gdb/configure.tgt:

	# Target: Intel 386 running GNU/Linux
	gdb_target_obs="i386-tdep.o i386-linux-tdep.o glibc-tdep.o i387-tdep.o \
			solib-svr4.o symfile-mem.o \
			linux-tdep.o linux-record.o"
	if test "x$enable_64_bit_bfd" = "xyes"; then
	    # Target: GNU/Linux x86-64
	    gdb_target_obs="amd64-tdep.o amd64-linux-tdep.o ${gdb_target_obs}"

So it's be nice if bfd did the same in this case.  Thus, I'd very much
prefer if --enable-64-bit-bfd was enough for making bi-arch corefiles

Pedro Alves

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