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Re: GNU as -- selevtively/dynamically disabling macro expansion

Hi Jagged,

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your email. I have been very busy doing other things for the last few months.

I tried to address the maintainer mentioned in the as info pages as well
as the contributor of the listing capability, as given in the respective
source files.

The maintainer details in the gas documentation are very out of date (and something that I need to fix). The best place to look for maintainer information is the file binutils/MAINTAINERS in the binutils source code.

So, the essence of my question is: where does the code decide whether or not
to actually expand a macro, or (this would be sufficient too) where is it
decided to emit the macro expansion to the listing file?

The code in gas/read.c:read_a_source_file () is responsible for deciding whether a macro expansion should appear in the listing.

   - if I use ".nolist" at the beginning of any one macro to suppress
     further listing of its expansion, it does not work;
   - if I use ".list" at the end of the respective macro, it does not
     reestablish the state as it was before the ".nolist" at the very
     beginning of the same macro.

This is not what I call to "maintain an internal counter", as quoted above.
There is a (non-static)

Agreed - this is a bug. The implementation should match the documentation. if you would like to file a bug report on this (here: that would help.


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