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Re: Issue Tracker Used? Git migration checklist.

>> I've only asked how to find the information required.
> And Joseph has told you.

Yes he has, and for that, I'm thankful. Less so the dictatorial stuff
that followed, meant or not.

> There is nothing wrong with doing that, it just won't help.

So you're saying that I should give up and leave this thread here as a
warning for other hopeful souls to also not bother?

I can't see how it can not help. Any action requires some sort of game
plan. And provided it's sufficiently distributed and fragmented, you
keep a barrier to entry up. Perhaps that's what some want? I doubt all
want it, though. A clear "what's needed" collated in ONE place in a
readable format with ordering almost can't not help. It identifies the
first step, whatever it may be. That first step is currently drowned
in a barrel of a thousand unordered steps, which in-crowders know
about, and the order of, but anyone else wanting to help is powerless
to find out about.

>> I just don't take kindly to his attitude, that's all.
> You need to reread his messages and think about what he is trying to say.

I saw what he was trying to say. Maybe I should have been the bigger
man and ignored his delivery, though. Fair call.


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