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Re: Issue Tracker Used? Git migration checklist.

> You are welcome to set up whatever repository seems convenient to you for
> storing the hooks and scripts you propose as part of the conversion

You're a funny man.

> structure and organisation is counterproductive unless you plan to do the actual conversion work

Disagreed. It's a firm prerequisite, period. Anything else will be a
disorganised mess.

> The reason a conversion hasn't happened is very simple: a conversion
> involves a large amount (likely person-weeks to person-months) of boring
> work by a subset of a limited number of people with the relevant expertise

This is patently obvious, which is why I'm trying to get it documented
in a sane way.

Before anything gets done, those who are going to do it, whoever they
may be, need to know what exactly it is, and who exactly they need to
deal with. No such documentation exists right now outside of a
scattered mess of list messages. This farce of an exchange is now
extending the problem, not moving toward a solution. Save the e****
waving for another time/person, I'm not interested in perceived

In contrast, you seem only to be interested in firing orders around
about creating scripts...

> occurs.  No-one is interested in forming a "movement".

Firstly, it had quotes for a reason... secondly, speak for yourself,
there are hundreds on this list, perhaps some of them are that
fanatical. It's certainly not me.

> If you want a small task in preparation for such a conversion, I suggest
> working out how to hook up a git repository on sourceware to Bugzilla
> mails - these have been broken for glibc since that was converted to git
> (see glibc bug 13746).

> In contrast, you seem only to be interested in firing orders around about creating scripts...

Please stop.

> long as you keep existing processes working as they do now,

If you don't like progress, and change, perhaps this isn't the thread for you.


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