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Re: Issue Tracker Used? Git migration checklist.

On Fri, 26 Oct 2012, Fred Cooke wrote:

> A default set of permissions on a default git repo allows you to do
> *anything* including delete *everything* (even if only temporarily)

We're talking about a shared repository, and the defaults for git init 
--shared include receive.denyNonFastForwards.  Please assume that 
overseers are perfectly competent at administering shared git 
repositories; we have various examples including glibc here.

> Having a second staging repo is not inventing process, and neither

GCC, binutils, GDB and glibc have no such repositories; it's invention as 
far as the toolchain is concerned.

The thing I dislike most about git is how its advocates try to push 
particular processes on everyone (the tool itself works fine with many 
different processes).  A tool change shouldn't involve any process changes 
at all.  If you want to be constructive, concentrate on actual development 
of patches (scripts, hooks, documentation etc.) for the steps I listed to 
allow everyone to work pretty much exactly as they currently do, but in a 
git environment.  Not advocacy, code.

> If you're not familiar with the kernel process, you may like to read

I'm not interested in the kernel process here.  The responsibility of 
people proposing a VCS transition is to show how to make existing process 
work with the proposed new VCS.  It's simply silly to propose changes to 
development processes without actually being an active developer of the 
affected projects.

Joseph S. Myers

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