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Issue Tracker Used? Git migration checklist.

Hello Binutils People,

Firstly, is the bugzilla issue tracker in regular use?
I'm unsure if the interface is bad, I'm bad at searching, or it's
largely unused. Clarification requested. Certainly I've not seen it
linked/referenced much on the list and I know it's absolutely core to
my dev process.

If it is indeed used, that's fine. If not, let me know where to
recreate the following issue-set. If not, and there isn't an
alternative, let me know to defer this email chain until a FOSS
licensed JIRA can be setup, or a MantisBT instance, or something -
something that people will use.


I've created the following issue to act as a parent and checklist for
things preventing binutils from entering the 21st century at full
noise including a fluxgate capacitor:

I recall a number of things being mentioned with regards completing
the migration, however not enough to create the sub issues myself. I
can knock them up if you can make them clear to me here.

I fear that without some organisation and direction and a clear set of
tasks with a checkbox next to them, it'll never happen. So this is it,
I'm taking the raging bull by the horns and at the least, will help
organise it.

What I do recall is that other projects share certain resources. Can
someone knowledgeable on this subject detail exactly what the
structure looks like, preferably with a diagram (if it's complicated
enough to warrant one).

Someone also mentioned "need natives windows git client", may I
present msysgit:

I've been using this for years, when forced (at gun point) to use
Windows, and it's excellent. It's mildly slower than git on Linux due
to the fork process in NT, however still way faster than anything
else, so that's moot.

What else is required to complete the migration, let's formalise this,
and get it out of the way, once and for all.

Initial list:

1) Structure for sharing resources with other related projects.
2) ???



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