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Re: macro's and arguments

On 10/16/2012 04:38 PM, Erik Christiansen wrote:
On 16.10.12 09:45, Jan Beulich wrote:
But no, this is nothing that needs fixing - macro arguments are
separated by commas or blank space (unless parenthesized) -
see the documentation of .macro. It arguably is a possible
enhancement to allow for a mode where only commas separate
them (I have been missing this at times, too).
Yes, an opt-in additional mode would protect existing code in the wild.
Having long used "blank space" parameter separation, to allow gas to
compile small languages, I'm more than a little partial to the existing
default behaviour.

Some example statements, handled by gas macros are:

start_timer A 70 mS

if p1 is 0

if it isnt Standby ; Following a test macro.

if event includes <some_bitmask_parameter>

Perhaps though, there are other syntaxes where lots of commas are nice.


That's nice, however the cvs server appears to be down, so people can only contribute to the latest stable release.


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