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Re: [patch bfd]: Fix printf formatter for mingw 1 of N

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 04:35:00PM +0200, Kai Tietz wrote:
> Hello,
> this is first patch addressing this issue.  There are several other
> places where similiar issues are happening (see use of %z, %lld, and
> %llx in bfd, binutils, and opcode sources). There are are several

Are there really occurrences of %z in a printf format string?  I do
see some %z in strings, but they aren't passed to printf.  Maybe I
didn't look carefully enough.

> different ways to resolve these issue.  First would be to add - as
> done by this patch - include of inttypes.h - if available - and use
> int64_t here instead 'long long' type.  Second would be to add those
> helper macros to bfd-in.h (eg BFD_PRI64 and bfd_int64_t/bfd_uint64_t).
>  Another variant would be to use in binutils the gnulib existing for
> gdb for now.  The fourth solution would be to enable for mingw-targets
> by default POSIX-printf, which of course don't resolve the issue for
> VC.
> So I would like to get your opinion, which variant is preferred by
> binutils community to resolve this printf-formatting issue.
>  ChangeLog
> 2012-10-10  Kai Tietz
> 	* coff-rs600.c (FMT20): Use
> 	PRId64 macro, if available.
> 	(FMT20_type): New.

This doesn't look correct.  intptr_t might be a 32-bit type on a
32-bit host.  I think you should be casting to bfd_vma, and using
BFD_VMA_FMT here and similarly in opcodes/ia64-dis.c.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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