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[rl78] change gas line separator character |->@

The current line sep char conflicts with expressions, changing it from
'|' to '@'.  Applied.

	* config/tc-rl78.c: Change line_separator to '@' so that '|' can
	be used in expressions.

Index: config/tc-rl78.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gas/config/tc-rl78.c,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -p -U5 -r1.3  config/tc-rl78.c
--- config/tc-rl78.c	23 Dec 2011 01:49:37 -0000	1.3
+++ config/tc-rl78.c	3 Oct 2012 20:31:05 -0000
@@ -36,11 +36,13 @@
 const char comment_chars[]        = ";";
 /* Note that input_file.c hand checks for '#' at the beginning of the
    first line of the input file.  This is because the compiler outputs
    #NO_APP at the beginning of its output.  */
 const char line_comment_chars[]   = "#";
-const char line_separator_chars[] = "|";
+/* Use something that isn't going to be needed by any expressions or
+   other syntax.  */
+const char line_separator_chars[] = "@";
 const char EXP_CHARS[]            = "eE";
 const char FLT_CHARS[]            = "dD";

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