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Re: including the installed bfd.h header fails because of missing config.h

On Tuesday 25 September 2012 12:23:32 Matthias Klose wrote:
> Seen in a distribution test rebuild. With 2.23 and trunk every package
> which includes bfd.h fails to build, because the sanity check triggers. I
> can think of different solutions:
>  - Remove the sanity check on installation
>    awk '/PR 14072/,/^#endif/ {next} {print}' bfd.h
>  - Install the config.h under a different name bfd-config.h
>    and use this name in the installed bfd.h.

no, bfd-config.h should not be installed.  no config.h file should ever be 
installed (at least, the implication is that they're unsanitized, and the 
effort here is more than out weighed by the gain) because the HAVE_XXX and 
friends is horrible namespace pollution.

can you be a little more specific than "every package which includes bfd.h" ?  
maybe start with listing some packages ?  the ones i know of have been fixed in 
their respective upstreams already.

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