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Re: [patch] Add SHF_COMPRESSED flag to include/

On 09/19/12 05:27 PM, Cary Coutant wrote:
     I plead ignorance --- I thought taking it to the generic-abi
list would be enough to reach anyone involved with the gABI.
Dave Prosser was the last maintainer that I knew about, and the
last time we added something to the gABI, that was how we reached

Thanks for doing that, and for the contact info. Do I need to
follow up with John separately?

Please do. I thought you had already sent the request to, and gotten no reply; hence the discussion on the gABI mailing list.


No... Looking back, I see that Joseph pointed me there, but then
your comments about Dave Prosser not replying sent me off into
the weeds. I had seen some other threads discussing the lack of
a gABI maintainer, and jumped to the wrong conclusion...

I've just sent a message to both addresses Joseph provided
( and, with everyone
cc'd. I dropped the binutils alias from that, since I don't
know how many people this is spamming...

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

- Ali

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