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[Patch, AArch64] fix the encoding of MOV immediate instructions in NDEBUG build


This patch fixes an inappropriate assertion in AArch64 opcodes which causes malfunction of gas in assembling MOV immediate instructions if the tools are built with -DNDEBUG.

The patch passes the regression test.

OK to commit?



2012-09-17 Yufeng Zhang <>

* aarch64-asm.c (aarch64_ins_imm_half): Remove ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from
the parameter 'inst'.
(aarch64_ins_addr_simm): Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED to the parameter 'inst'.
(convert_mov_to_movewide): Change to assert (0) when
aarch64_wide_constant_p returns FALSE.
diff --git a/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c b/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c
index e10240a..006b075 100644
--- a/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c
+++ b/opcodes/aarch64-asm.c
@@ -336,8 +336,7 @@ aarch64_ins_imm (const aarch64_operand *self, const aarch64_opnd_info *info,
      MOVZ <Wd>, #<imm16>{, LSL #<shift>}.  */
 const char *
 aarch64_ins_imm_half (const aarch64_operand *self, const aarch64_opnd_info *info,
-		      aarch64_insn *code,
-		      const aarch64_inst *inst ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
+		      aarch64_insn *code, const aarch64_inst *inst)
   /* imm16 */
   aarch64_ins_imm (self, info, code, inst);
@@ -532,7 +531,8 @@ aarch64_ins_addr_regoff (const aarch64_operand *self ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED,
 const char *
 aarch64_ins_addr_simm (const aarch64_operand *self,
 		       const aarch64_opnd_info *info,
-		       aarch64_insn *code, const aarch64_inst *inst)
+		       aarch64_insn *code,
+		       const aarch64_inst *inst ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
   int imm;
@@ -1090,8 +1090,9 @@ convert_mov_to_movewide (aarch64_inst *inst)
   inst->operands[1].type = AARCH64_OPND_HALF;
   is32 = inst->operands[0].qualifier == AARCH64_OPND_QLF_W;
-  /* This should have been guaranteed by the constraint check.  */
-  assert (aarch64_wide_constant_p (value, is32, &shift_amount) == TRUE);
+  if (! aarch64_wide_constant_p (value, is32, &shift_amount))
+    /* The constraint check should have guaranteed this wouldn't happen.  */
+    assert (0);
   value >>= shift_amount;
   value &= 0xffff;
   inst->operands[1].imm.value = value;

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