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Re: Release 2.23

one more change which should go the trunk and the branch. currently the builds
on kfreebsd are broken,

In file included from ../../bfd/sysdep.h:30:0,
                 from ../../bfd/archures.c:24:
./config.h:7:4: error: #error config.h must be #included before system headers
make[5]: *** [archive.lo] Error 1

this is because gcc for kfreebsd defines the __GLIBC__ macro in

#define GNU_USER_TARGET_OS_CPP_BUILTINS()               \
  do                                            \
    {                                           \
        builtin_define ("__FreeBSD_kernel__");  \
        builtin_define ("__GLIBC__");           \
        builtin_define_std ("unix");            \
        builtin_assert ("system=unix");         \
        builtin_assert ("system=posix");        \
    }                                           \
  while (0)

a quick fix for this is to disable this safety check on kfreebsd by checking
that the __FreeBSD_kernel__ macro isn't defined.


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