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Re: [GOLD] powerpc64 --gc-sections RFC

On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 6:11 AM, Alan Modra <> wrote:
>         * target.h (Target::gc_mark_symbol, do_gc_mark_symbol): New functions.
>         (Sized_target::gc_add_reference, do_gc_add_reference): New functions.
>         * gc.h (gc_process_relocs): Call target gc_add_reference.
>         * (queue_middle_tasks): Use gc_mark_symbol on start sym.
>         * (Symbol_table::gc_mark_undef_symbols): Use gc_mark_symbol.
>         (Symbol_table::gc_mark_symbol): Call target gc_mark_symbol. Remove
>         unnecessary cast.
>         * (Powerpc_relobj::get_opd_ent): Rearrange parameters
>         to cater for when we don't need code offset.  Update use.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::access_from_map_, opd_valid_): New vars.
>         (Powerpc_relobj::access_from_map, add_reference, opd_valid,
>         set_opd_valid): New functions.
>         (Target_powerpc::do_gc_add_reference): New function.
>         (Target_powerpc::gc_process_relocs): Call gc()->add_reference on
>         stashed refs.
>         (Target_powerpc::do_gc_mark_symbol): New function.

> +    if (value)
> +      *value = this->opd_ent_off_[ndx];

I usually prefer if (value != NULL) on the principle that conditions
should test boolean values, and the implicit conversion from pointer
to boolean is weird.

Anyhow, this is OK.



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